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What Is Depression (Major Depressive Disorder)?

We often use the word “depressed” as a synonym for sadness. Grammatically speaking this may be correct. However, when the word depression is used, it often refers to a clinical condition many suffer from. According to the WHO, more than a quarter of a billion people, of all ages suffer…

Addiction: What Substance Abuse Looks Like

Addiction is sometimes called substance use disorder, although it is possible to experience addiction to non-substances such as the internet. It is a disease that many struggle with. Most people are not aware that addiction is, in fact, a disease rather than a choice. While the path to addiction is…

How Your Body Responds to Stress: Fight or Flight

At the core of everything we do is the desire to survive. Fortunately, there are certain processes built into our bodies that help ensure this. One of these is the stress response also known as the fight or flight response (ff). This is basically how your body responds to stress. In…