COVID-19 pandemic

Another COVID-19 article? Yes, but this is not one that will talk about all the gloomy statistics surrounding the pandemic. You have the news agencies for that. We all, in some way, have been, are still being impacted by this devastating virus. And I have observed that, besides, death and finances, there are also other very significant impacts of COVID-19 on us. This article will outline some lessons that we can learn in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Human Connection is Important

For so long, we have taken for granted the importance of human connection. In many parts of the world where the lockdowns were, and are being enforced, people are unable to connect in usual ways. Because of the restrictions, many social applications are thriving in this season. Thank goodness for the internet and social media. I would like to however caution us about coping with the COVID-19 pandemic using social media. While finding ways to connect with those you are unable to reach physically, do not forget those at home with you. Many have been forced to spend time with their families. Those who intentionally engage and try to bond with their families are seeing great benefits to this. So remember to connect as much as possible with others out there, but not at the expense of your connection with those right next to you.

Ubuntu Is the Answer

This is not an advertisement for open-source software (lol). The name Ubuntu is commonly translated as “I am because we are.” This concept is what togetherness is all about. We have all seen and may have been a part of reckless behavior during this COVID-19 season. The main reason for the high infection rate is because of asymptomatic people who are not taking precautions. Most of us have been encouraged to wear masks to protect ourselves. So what happens when we believe we do not have the virus, we don’t wear our masks. Multiple people operate this way. Imagine a world where everyone thinks, “Although I am asymptomatic, I could have the virus. So, I will wear my mask to prevent possibly spreading it to others.” If you haven’t considered this, please do. You might be saving the life of someone with underlying health conditions.

Resilience & Creativity

Necessity, they say, is the father of invention. I have personally seen people come up with creative ways to navigate the difficult impact of COVID-19 on their personal and professional lives. History has shown that humans are resilient. We have made it through some very difficult times, as is the case right now. Beyond just surviving is the importance of creativity — creating new ways of adapting. Some people have created e-commerce options for selling their products. One very common one in has exploded in Ghana is food and package delivery. Restaurants that preciously did not offer that option, are now doing so. Although this existed prior to the pandemic, many mental health professionals, are offering virtual and phone sessions. So how about you? In what creative ways can you adapt to the current challenges you are facing? This will help in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

This too Shall Pass

Sometimes what makes it hard to deal with life’s difficulties is the fact that we cannot see the end of our suffering. In coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, it important for us to remind ourselves that this too, shall pass. It may take longer than we want, it may bring situations that are difficult to handle, but it shall pass. If you’re reading this article, you have already made it through some difficult situations in life, some of which you thought would never end. So no matter what it is that you’re dealing with currently, with the right tools, you will come out successful.

Mental Health Is Vital

I cannot stress enough, how important it is for individuals and organizations to take mental health seriously. In this day and age, we must understand that mental health is not only about severe clinical cases. As a matter of fact, the biggest issues lie with those of us who seem to be “functioning well”. Stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and relationship challenges are among the things that are the most common obstacles to mental health. In this regard, coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected every aspect of life, will require attention to our mental health. You can educate yourself,  or seek the guidance of a mental health professional in counseling. This will enable you to learn coping tools you can use well after the pandemic.


I hope this helps in some way to encourage you to keep pressing on in your endeavors in this difficult time. Coping with COVID-19 and it’s impact on your life, may seem draining but using the above lessons as a guide, I believe you will be in a better place overall. Let me know your thoughts, examples, or lessons learned from coping with this pandemic.

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