Service-Related Questions

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No, you do not. We do home visits, video and phone sessions.
Yes, we offer pre & post-marital couple’s counseling.
Yes, we offer all the above services. Kindly contact us to discuss this further.
There is no difference, as long as you are receiving the service from a formally trained and licensed professional.
Yes you may! As long as your faith, religion or spirituality is an important part of your life, we incorporate it into your self-development plan.
There is no difference if the work is being done by a formally-trained and licensed mental health professional. There are other forms of counseling that do not require formal degrees and/or licensing. These are not considered as professional counseling. MBS Care conducts professional counseling / psychotherapy.

Client-Related Questions & Concerns

This is very understandable. Under the Ghana Mental Health Act, Act 846, subsection 60, we are required by law to keep your information confidential.
This is different for each person and presenting case. Kindly contact us to discuss this further.
This is a common misconception about psychotherapists/counselors. Although it would make our work easier, we do not read minds. We are trained to use multiple sources of information such as your story, verbal and nonverbal cues, as well academic knowledge, to make educated guesses about your situation, and guide you to improved wellbeing.
We refer cases involving children below 16 years to therapists who work with this population. We also refer out cases involving adults dealing with severe psychological disorders, especially those that require hospitalization.
Yes, we do. We have clients outside the country who make use of our virtual and phone counseling options.

Payment-Related Questions & Concerns

Rates differ depending on the length of your session, mode of counseling (office, virtual, phone or in-home) and services needed. This can be discussed and agreed on with your counselor.
We accept cash, mobile money, bank transfers, cheques and on very rare occasions, barter payment.

Discounts are available for qualifying persons. Kindly contact us to learn more.

Yes, we accept insurance payment, once it is verified that your policy covers mental health treatment.

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