About Us

Welcome to MBS Care

We are a mental healthcare agency dedicated to not only mental, but overall health and wellbeing. MBS stands for Mind-Body-Soul, reflecting the core belief in a holistic approach to counseling and consultation services. Using tried and tested approaches and interventions, we tailor solutions to your unique circumstances. We are also dedicated to creating creating mass mental health awareness in Ghana, Africa and the rest of the world. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see more.

Our agency is headed by Mrs. Petrina Adusei, a clinical mental health counselor in Ghana and a communications expert. She has obtained advanced degrees in both fields, and has years of experience in diverse environments. Her genuine concern for the wellbeing of others (especially Africans), is the fuel that MBS Care thrives on. She has been invited to share her knowledge and expertise on multiple platforms. Petrina Adusei believes that life’s biggest challenge is “working on the inner you”, but insists that it is also the most rewarding!

Our Process

Our confidential, free, initial 15-minute phone consultation, helps us get acquainted with you, get a brief understanding of what your needs are, and set up your first appointment.

At your appointment, we will go through some paperwork: confidentiality agreement, consent and client information forms, rates of service and payment terms. We will describe the nature of counseling, and answer any questions you may have about the process. You will then have the opportunity to decide how often you would like to meet with the counselor. The remainder of the appointment will be used to get acquainted and discuss your presenting issue.

Welcome to MBS Care

Mission & Vision

MBS was borne out of a vision to provide holistic services for mental, physical and spiritual health. Our founder’s dream over 13 years ago, was to build a network of healthcare professionals who understand and support the need for improved mental states in our society. As such, we work closely with nutritionists, massage therapists, cardiovascular specialists and more, should you need their services.

Our passion for creating mental health awareness is our major drive. We use various digital platforms to disseminate information that will go a long way to help others. We aim to be a one be a go-to resource for mental health and overall wellbeing.

Our Process

Core Values

Self-reflection & inner growth

At MBS Care, we believe there is no real growth without self-reflection. So much of time is taken up by life’s demands and chores, that we rarely pause to analyze what make us think, feel and behave the way we do. We believe that no matter what challenge a person is facing, regardless of the situation, inner growth is needed to navigate it and this cannot be achieved without true self-reflection.

Strengths-based approach

At MBS Care, we believe there is no real growth without self-reflection. So much time is taken up by life’s demands and chores, that, we rarely pause to analyze what make us think, feel and behave the way we do. Self-reflections leads to an awareness of the necessary changes we need to make in our lives. This ultimately leads to inner growth. Not only do we share this with our clients, but we live this belief in our personal lives.

Ubuntu (Humanity)

Ubuntu is often translated as, “I am because we are”. This means that, at MBS Care, we believe your wellbeing is directly related to ours. We work hard to provide guidance, solutions and resources that will enable you to better navigate the challenges you are facing. Because of this, our efforts to support you are not restricted to the counseling room.




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